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Buy Codeine Phosphate

How does Codeine work?

Purchase Promethazine-codeine Online. The human brain contains opioid receptors that normally respond to endorphins, the bodies natural, painkilling chemicals. Opioid medications like codeine phosphate work by attaching to those receptors, mimicking endorphins to produce a feeling of well-being and an overall reduction in pain. Because opioid receptors are found throughout the nervous system, Codeine Phosphate will also affect the digestive system and suppress the cough reflex. Buy Codeine Phosphate

Uses Buy Codeine Phosphate

Codeine Phosphate can help with short-term pain management. It is often recommended for pain that has not responded to over-the-counter (OTC) medications. It is also used to as a treatment for diarrhoea and to suppress painful dry coughs.

What Codeine dose is right for me?

Dosage varies from patient to patient. Always follow the guidelines set out by your prescriber. Take one to two – 6 – 8 hourly. Where 60 mg has been prescribed, take ONE 6 – 8 hourly.

Missed Doses and Overdoses

  • If you miss a dose of codeine phosphate, take your dosage as soon as you remember. Wait at least four hours before the next dose. Do not take two doses less than four hours apart in an attempt to make up for a missed dose. Buy Codeine Phosphate
  • If you take too much codeine phosphate, seek immediate medical attention. Take the packet for the medication with you. Tell medical professionals how much codeine phosphate you took and when you took it.

Codeine and pregnancy

Avoid taking any medication during pregnancy whenever possible. Insufficient evidence exists to determine if Codeine Phosphate is safe during the first and second trimester. If Codeine Phosphate is taken regularly during the third trimester, the baby may experience opioid drug withdrawal symptoms after birth. Codeine phosphate may also pass into breast milk, so nursing mothers should avoid using it.

Codeine dependence and tolerance

Protracted use of codeine phosphate may lead to tolerance, meaning the drug will not work as effectively as when you first took it. Continued, long-term use may also lead to physical dependence on the drug. You will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. For these reasons, do not use products containing codeine for longer than recommended by your prescriber.

Codeine side effects Buy Codeine Phosphate

Anyone who uses codeine phosphate should be aware of possible side effects ranging from common to rare issues. Most people will not experience any side effects of codeine at all.

Do not drink alcohol while taking Codeine. Alcohol use increases the likelihood and severity of symptoms. 

Buy Codeine Phosphate Online Cautions and exclusions

Make sure codeine is the most suitable medicine for you. Always tell your prescriber about any medications or supplements you are taking, to avoid possible interactions with other medicines you are taking. Also inform your medical professional of any pre-existing medical conditions or allergies.


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